About this site

At its core ThankADonor is a community, drawn together by the generosity of those willing to give something of themselves to a complete stranger. While most recipients and donors will never know each other, here visitors can meet people just like them, read their stories, see their pictures and inspire others to give. We invite you to join the conversation:

Thank - One donation has the ability to save three lives, thank the donors whose generosity makes the ultimate difference.

Share - Every day approximately 40,000 pints of blood are needed, each of those pints has a story to tell, share them here.

Connect - One out of every seven people entering a hospital will require blood, connect with many of the millions of people impacted by the generosity of blood donors.

Inspire - Fewer than one in ten people donate blood. Inspire others to give as they're able. Each of us has blood, many are able to give it, few do. Help change that.