Angie G. • Amarillo, TX

I am a donor because...

My husband Mike Goodson was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in January of 2006. Mike underwent many rounds of chemo for several weeks. Every time he finished a complete round of chemo he had to have platelets and white and red blood cells. I had never thought much about donating blood products up until this point. It was overwhelming. There were so many people there donating. Every one of us was there donating for a family member that was there in the hospital who was sick. It was amazing to see the difference in Mike after getting either platelets or blood cells. He had energy color and even a little enthusiasm!

Blood products are desperately needed by cancer patients. Among the many things the blood products do they help the patients rebuild their immune system after chemo tears it down. The sooner the immune system is rebuilt the sooner the next round of chemo can start. Also the sooner they are out of danger of what is known as Neutropenia which is low white blood count and Neutropenic Fever a fever brought on by Neutropenia. There was one point in between two rounds of chemo at the end of October of 2006 that Mike came down with Neutropenic Fever so bad that our Doctor told us that we needed to get ready because if his fever didn't come down within the next 12 hours he wouldn't survive. Praise God his fever broke just as quickly and surprisingly as it arrived. If we hadn't had blood products to help get him out of Neutropenia I fear he would not be here today. This process has really opened my eyes to how important this process is to so many people and how truly wonderful the staff at blood centers are.

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