Cody K. • San Antonio, TX

I am thankful to blood donors because...

My name is Nicole and I am the mother of the sweetest funniest adventurous courageous young man- his name is Cody! Cody made a grand entrance into the world five weeks early! It was little surprise that he quickly developed thrush but what did throw me for a loop was when Cody developed a terrible ear infection at 5 weeks old. The antibiotics did little to help and only complicated things with the thrush. A week turned into a month which turned into several months... one medication after another with little to no effect on the infections that had become so deep seated in Cody's ears. He had his first set of tubes at six months old and weighing only 12lbs. Cody's first few years continued with one infection after another and by the time he was three years old he had spent 30 out of 36 months on antibiotics. From ear infections to pneumonia croup to RSV sinus infections to influenza it seemed like everything that crossed his path he caught. In early 2007 after six years of searching for answers; I was introduced to a hematologist who finally looked deeper into Cody's health issues. It was then that we learned that Cody had no antibody response to any of his immunizations and was diagnosed a primary immune system deficiency known as primary hypogammaglobulinemia.

Within a month of his diagnosis Cody began receiving IVIG (human immune globulin). Every three to four weeks Cody spends one day at his doctor's office and three days on IV's receiving his IVIG and support fluids. He has a port-a-cath his little sister dad and I are all pros at starting IV's pushing pre and post med's and helping to keep our little man healthy. These treatments have completely altered Cody's life! He is a healthier stronger child now! Instead of dealing with chronic infections he now deals with occasional infections and while they still tend to be more severe or hang on longer than they do when his siblings get sick IVIG has dramatically improved Cody's life! Words cannot begin to express how grateful our family is to everyone with donates blood!

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